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The Houston Association of Panamanians, Inc. is a Texas registered not-for-profit organization which was developed to promote charity within the community and abroad.  In addition, the association was further organized to advance the cause of higher learning and to disseminate information about the people, culture, and country of the Republic of Panama; including the presence and contributions of Afro-endemic Panamanians to the national fabric.  Four premises underscore the purpose of our organization:

a.  Provide general transition assistance to individuals and families
in the process of assimilating into an evolving culture in the United States of America.

b. Advance the cause of higher learning and skills development through academic scholarships and work readiness support for self-sufficiency. This ultimately translates into constructive civic contributions.
c.  Promote charitable outreach services to individuals and
families in need within or beyond the Houston area and abroad.
d.  Promote socio-cultural activities to advance public appreciation for the history and culture of the Panamanian people; including folklore, foods, costumes, language, dance, art, and music.




The Houston Association of Panamanians Inc. has been Inspiring The Future of our Young Leaders of tomorrow by creating programs and activities that prepare them for the world of work and community sustainability.

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