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Our Journey



Over the past nineteen years HAP, Inc. has successfully achieved a number of its goals, some of which are:


  1. Established in June 2005 and Incorporated in October 2005.

  2. Designated a non-profit 501c (3) organization in January 2007.

  3. Awarded 43 academic Trailblazer scholarships, year-to-date.

  4. Recognized as an organization that provides national and international relief for families during catastrophic and dire situations.

  5. Participated in the Houston International Festival for eight consecutive years.

  6. Erected booths depicting Panamanian culture and included performances by Grupo Folklorico Raices de Panama at cultural events.

  7. Participated in the annual Martin Luther King Day parade and other parades displaying the Panamanian cultural presence in Houston.

  8. Celebrated the Panama Canal Centennial and the Canal Construction Workers with ceremonies throughout the year 2014 and receiving a Proclamation from the City of Houston.

  9. Established the Pathfinders Award Program.

  10. Paid tribute to mothers with Mother's Day Celebrations, honoring "Women of Wisdom," and "Honoring our Unsung Heroines."

  11. Established an affiliation with Grupo Folklorico Raices de Panama to perform Panamanian and Afro-Caribbean folkloric dances as an intercultural exchange.

  12. Provided numerous social activities for the community’s enjoyment to include honoring the Centennial anniversary of the Panama Canal and the contribution of its Builders the Afro-Caribbean men and women, our ancestors. 

  13. Provided a listing on the website of local Panamanian business and supporting business friends.

  14. Have assisted numerous families during their more difficult and challenging periods.




  1. Panamanian Consulate General's citation of HAP, Inc. for its contribution to community services.

  2. Caribbean Chamber of Commerce Apex Award.

  3. Caribbean Impact Foundation Award for community service.

  4. Certificate of Award for volunteer services at The Latino Learning Center, Inc, The Beechnut Manor Nursing Home and others.

  5. The Citations were given to our affiliate folkloric dance group “Grupo Folklorico Raices de Panama”  by the City of  Houston for their presentation in Houston’s International Festival. In 2019 awarded the Cultural Award by the  Caribbean Chamber of Commerce.        

HAP Recognition from Consulate of Panama

Citation from the Panamanian Consulate for Community Service.

Apex Award.jpg

Apex Award received from the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce.

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