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There are approximately 4,000 Panamanians and Americans  of Panamanian descent living in the Greater Houston area based on Wikipedia.

The Houston Association of Panamanians, Inc. (HAP, Inc.) has served this community of people for the past fifteen years through our various charitable outreach projects.


We're asking you, our corporate  neighbors and small business entrepreneurs to join us as we continue to serve, by becoming our official sponsors. 


You may do so by donating funds or services, that support our charitable efforts.   HAP, Inc would in turn promote your company as our official sponsor at our events, sharing your products and services with a potentially new market of new customers within the Houston area. 


We urge you to become our official sponsor, so please contact us at telephone number 281-345-4536 or via e-mail at  We can't wait to hear from you.    Thank you very much.          


You can help make a brighter future for our future leaders.

Please donate to our "Dollars for Scholars" scholarship campaign and our other charitable causes.  Any

dollar amount would be appreciated.  A tax exempt certificate of your donation would be prepared and sent to you.  Please contact us if you have any questions at Telephone number 281-345-4536.  Thank you in advance for your kindness.

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